Thursday, March 15, 2012

NOT blogging on the red meat "news"

Everybody in the blogosphere has been VERY busy this week, weighing in on why the headlines condemning meat consumption are full of ... ahem ... "horse hockey."  (They're right and they are, respectively -- but if i belonged to the opposition, i'd probably say "methinks thou dost protest too much.")

What I want to say, however, was inspired by the best debunker the world may ever have seen, the redoubtable Denise Minger, guest-posting at  She points out various studies in which people are shown to REPORT vastly different quantities of food, compared to what they're actually using.  It's true:  it's VERY easy to make mistakes in that direction, even if you're trying hard to get it right.  Cooks with a great deal of experience may be able to "eyeball" quantities, but most people aren't that good.

Getting around to my point ("FINALLY" my husband would think, but not say...) -- most people don't have a good grasp of how much they actually consume.

If you're having trouble with weight-loss and you don't know what's going wrong, investing in measuring devices is a VERY good idea.  Weigh that meat, before and after cooking -- you'll be surprised at the difference as well as how much/little animal protein you really end up with, and how much of the fat is left behind in the skillet.  A pound of spinach cooks down into a pathetic little mound.  Measure your liquids:  mugs and glasses usually don't have predictable volumes.  Use or, and let them do the calculating for you.

Try measuring EVERYTHING you put in your mouth for a week -- could be a revelation.

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