Tuesday, March 6, 2012

new recommendations

Yesterday, during the course of some travel-waiting, i changed my blog list somewhat.  Some of the things i customarily read are "worthwhile" but not "recommendable" -- there are a couple of people i enjoy, but i'm disinclined to suggest that other people read some which are mostly rants.  Then, there are those who write an occasional relevant article, but with whom i usually tend to disagree -- they've left my list or never been a part of it.  Add to that, i discover more all the time ... so i guess this will have to be an ongoing activity!  :-)

Alas, even the best bloggers don't always deliver a product of consistent quality, so i've deleted a couple i used to read but which are less relevant to me (and theoretically, you?) anymore.  I mean -- is it REALLY helpful to someone like myself to know what works for a thirty-something gym rat?  Getting a body-fat under 10% while doing Olympic-level workouts is probably not healthy even for them! 

There's been a sad tendency of some erstwhile-entertaining bloggers to desert the low-carb philosophy lately.  It's no revelation that the young can get away with eating huge amounts of complex sugars without immediate repercussions in their weight and apparent health -- ye gods, the things I used to eat during my fencing days (let's just say, not complex)!!!  And as a lifelong hypothyroid, i already had a compromised hormonal system....  These folks are at least eating low-toxin forms of sugar.

The older ones, though -- i have a sneaking suspicion that a few of them will learn the hard way that although their weight may not be an issue, the other kinds of sugar-influenced health issues may catch up with them.  Let 'em have fun -- at least (as i said before) they're getting their carbs "cleanly."

I HAVE wondered on occasion if abrupt changes in the makeup of one's diet didn't have a special impact on the system, acting as a sort of hormetic waker-upper?  If one is primarily a glucose-burner, going toward low-carb wouldn't be likely to work -- teaching one's body to burn fat/ketones as the primary fuel doesn't happen overnight!  But a fat-burner can go the other direction as easy as kiss hands.  For many neurochemical reasons it would FEEL GOOD, too ... but it wouldn't last. 

Nope:  that direction is NOT for me, but for those who can get away with it -- more power to 'em.

Fortunately, there IS plenty of good stuff to be read online that gibes with my experience ... including a book i read this week, "Deep Nutrition."  THAT, i recommend whole-heartedly.  I haven't read much of Dr. Cate Shanahan's blog, but if it's as good as the book, it's thoroughly worthwhile -- i learned quite a bit!  Therefore, she's joined the list, along with a couple of others who have impressed me with the few of their articles i've read so far.
Oh, and it looks like a website i juuuuust found out about will be interesting, too -- The Food Lovers Kitchen....

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