Monday, March 5, 2012

back to the daily grind -- YIPPEEEE!

:-)  Flying back home today!  I'm REALLY looking forward to not eating so well!

Yeah, that's spoken ironically.  What i'm looking forward to is eating simply rather than sumptuously -- so which would BEST be described by the phrase "eating well"?  Trick question, of course.  As far as health and well-being are concerned, for me it's the simple kind.  Even though i do pretty well at avoiding things i know don't agree with my system, every once in awhile i allow myself an indulgence. 

Holidays and vacations need to be rare treats for a couple of reasons -- if we get to be well-entertained, lazy and indulgent TOO often, these treats lose their charm.  But they're also addictive, so when we have a chance to enjoy them, we often do -- at least, I do.  Even though i TRY to be "good."  Even though my husband is very supportive of my regular need of certain foods (which can't be met at most fast-food and commonly-found places).

So it's a pleasure to go home, and get my own food in my own kitchen where all the tools and ingredients i need are right at hand.  Where an outstanding farmers' market is two miles away and open 5 days a week (and has been located on the same site for well over two hundred years).  Where i'm familiar with restaurants that won't serve me unpleasant surprises.  Where my dog's unspoken invitations to go for a walk are harder to resist.

I'm lucky.

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