Wednesday, March 7, 2012

more on willpower

If you haven't read the references in my other "willpower post," i entreat you to do so!  Don't torture yourself the way western society would have you do it!

It's all about stubbornness ... and brain chemicals.

I was just looking at some early postings on blogs i recently discovered.  Rarely ever suffering food cravings anymore myself, i realize how lucky i am; a lot of people struggle with them often.  They have my deep and sincere sympathy!

Time was, i did have cravings.  The difference between *now* and *then* is, 1) i'm customarily eating a very-low-carb diet, so my blood sugar is as steady as a rock;  2) the high-good-fat-adequate-protein content of it keeps me well satiated;  3) i've tweaked my vitamin/mineral intake through foods and supplements to the point that i believe i'm deeply nourished.

Not only does my body seem happy with the way i'm fueling it -- i see that eating this way is beneficial for my mood and cognition.  I'm more cheerful, less anxious and defensive, and increasingly "strong" and determined; it's been clearly noticeable for weeks.  I don't know EXACTLY what's going right, but i'm grateful for it.
Believing as i do that "overeating" is partially driven by malnutrition, I have to wonder if people who decry their own "lack of willpower" aren't short of some nutrient they need....

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