Tuesday, March 13, 2012

same as it ever was

I just finished reading about YET ANOTHER big trial of the SAME old low-calorie formula diet.  Why is this poor dead horse still being beaten on -- he's nothing but bones and hide anymore!

Nothing new was learned.  A great many participants dropped out, as usual.  The results reported were positive -- AFTER they massaged the data with the same old "intent to treat" BS*.  In six months to a year, i have no doubt that many will have regained the weight. 

At the risk of being redundantly redundant, ;-) ... Einstein is supposed to have said that insanity can be defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  GIVE UP ON CALORIES-IN-CALORIES-OUT, kids.  OF COURSE you can starve weight off people, but it brings in its wake a whole hospital-ful of repercussions. 

There's a reason you studied inanimate objects in Physics lab.  There's a reason you handled the bodies of animals in Zoology.  BIOLOGY drives human bodies, not mathematical formulae.  Trying to manipulate weight loss by means of what is currently "known" to science is destined for failure, because science doesn't know nearly as much as it thinks it does. 

What we have, which has proven an effective tool, is WHAT HAS WORKED IN THE PAST.  Go back to real practicing physicians who succeeded in getting weight off their patients,  Ignore the theoreticians and lab-rats whose "research" has never been within a hundred miles of a real overweight human body -- those guys (hello, "Dr." Ancel Keys!) have given us the obese, fat-livered, insulin- and leptin-resistant world of sickness all around us.
* "intent to treat" is a researcher's con game, in which people who drop out are counted anyway, with the assumption that they'd get the same good results as anyone else.  if they were getting good results, they wouldn't have dropped out.  bad science.

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