Wednesday, February 1, 2012

four-week check-in point

Today's weigh-in was distinctly disappointing, as my weight is now where it was at the end of week 1.  :-(  The caveat, of course, is that i used my daughter's scale this time.... 

I AM still retaining a good deal of water, too.  VERY annoying, as it doesn't seem to me that i'm consuming more salty things; yes, yesterday's chicken was over-salted, but then i haven't eaten nearly as much bacon as i do at home, either.  I've drinking more water when i think about it, to try and flush myself out, but at home i only drink to thirst.

Well, discouraging as it is today, the water has GOT to go away eventually.  Although i feel uncomfortably bloated and draggy right now, over the weekend i felt like a million bucks, with good energy and excellent mood.  This will discourage me from having a glass of wine tonight (as i was contemplating), and will DEFINITELY prohibit any inclination to order nigiri instead of sashimi.  Keeping my fingers crossed that the seaweed salad will be "good"....

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  1. I would not count a weigh-in on a different scale!