Friday, February 24, 2012

yes, it still works

The scale was down about the amount i predicted yesterday (it measures in 0.2 pound increments, so "half a pound" is a ballpark figure, not "documentable").  Success!  I'll continue being (almost) "perfect" today.

I confess to have had some concerns -- are you familiar with the concept of the One Golden Shot?  :-)  It's when something-or-other worked GREAT the first time, but you can never seem to replicate the success.  The first time you tried the diet it went swimmingly, but another time it totally let you down; the first time you made the recipe or sewed the pattern it turned out spectacular, but when you tried to do it again (for "company"!) it was a flop.  You know....

In the weight-loss realm, i suspect this happens because when we first learn about it our excitement level boosts our metabolism a bit, making it easier to lose, AND we are absolutely faultless in our application of the guidelines.  Later, we tweak (i'm BIG on this myself).  We remember what we were able to get away with the first time, and we start at that point, instead of at the prescribed beginning.  Furthermore ... we're older!  At this time of our lives, a LOT changes, and FAST.  I've already warned my daughter that she needs to be careful to maintain her normal weight, because losing it later is much harder.

So after the rule-bending i did yesterday (salting my meat, having full instead of half-cups of coffee with my meals, even drinking the last 3 tablespoons of wine that didn't QUITE get finished last week), i was pleased and yes, a little relieved to find that the formula still worked.  I'm counting my blessings, and vowing to be even better today.  Now that i'm caught up on my salt, i'm scaling it back (not omitting it -- that didn't work so well).  I'm continuing to use the stationary bicycle because it's kinder to Ralph while still elevating my heart-rate.  And since that wine bottle is now safely empty and residing in the recycle bag, i won't be teased by it sitting unfinished on the kitchen counter any more.  :-) 

I confess, i WILL still indulge myself with the full cups of coffee.  ...Since beginning to drink it without even coconut milk, i'm dumbfounded to find that i prefer my black coffee without the single drop of liquid sucralose that i tried last week -- who would have thought!  Am i going to end this experience by finding that only simple, plain foods suit me anymore???


    "Am i going to end this experience by finding that only simple, plain foods suit me anymore???"

    That wouldn't be so bad, would it?

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  2. you're welcome -- i enjoy your site!

    no, it wouldn't be bad at all. :-) of course, my friends already think i'm a terrible food snob.... but i'd much rather spend my food dollars on great prime beef and wine than on marked-up "products" that undermine my family's health!