Saturday, February 11, 2012

need to start being "perfect" again

I think i've mentioned before that i find it easier to be "perfect" than to be moderate.  MUCH easier.  It's time to go back there.

While i was out of town, i had to make a flock of compromises with all the eating out and car travel and such.  I've allowed some of the compromises to continue a bit since i got home.  Taking stock, i observe a few symptoms returning which had evaporated while following the Code to the letter, and i'm not willing to put up with them, so back i go.

Pal Jabekk's blog (Ramblings of a Carnivore) today really struck a chord with me; it talked about how moderation might be the worst thing you could do.  I wish he had gone into more detail but, though brief, i feel his point was made.  Choosing a middle path is frequently a mediocre way to do things, ESPECIALLY when it comes to diet and health.

I was feeling SO GOOD two weeks ago -- it's time to get back to that.  The few things that i've added to my menu are going back into the pantry till i'm "sorted out."  Then, i'll add in butter.  This stuff is NOT hard to do.


  1. I know what you mean. For me, with gluten, it's so much better to be strict. And easier, too. Who wants to figure out how much, if any, is safe? It's easier to live with no bread than a little bit.

  2. absolutely! :-)

    i'm lucky, in that i enjoy so many things, and giving up a few really doesn't "impoverish" me significantly.