Sunday, February 19, 2012

second day of extra-clean eating

Actually, my diet yesterday wasn't as "pure" as Donaldson suggested for his patients, but not as wicked as ANY of my days last week.  :-)  I had some tomato slices with my breakfast steak yesterday, and a small piece of Japanese sweet potato with butter, with my dinner's lamb rack half.  The chuck roast i ground into hamburger (lunch) had some lamb liver added in, too.  He recommends no added salt*, and the steak and the lamb were cooked with some.

I slept better last night than recently, and awoke a little less stiff.  I feel a little touch of upper-respiratory inflammation, so i'll delete those vegetables from today's menu.  My right knee is still giving me trouble, and the left is even a little unhappy -- i blame last Thursday's dinner (Valentine's Day celebration) for the distress!  Even though we dutifully avoided the bread, some flour must have snuck in somewhere.  ;-)  Ya just gotta do your own cooking....

At any rate, this regimen isn't as easy as the basic PPC, but i'm going to hang in there for the week, as i suspect doing without eggs and nuts might be prudent -- this way, i'll figure it out for sure.  I weighed a pound less today than yesterday; we'll see where i am tomorrow.

*  no reason is given for banning salt in "Strong Medicine" -- i wish Donaldson had been more explanatory!  Potassium balance (with sodium) in plain meat is decent, and i seem to remember reading somewhere that increased meat intake requires increased salt, though i can't find it again.  Perhaps he's just referring to excessive salt use that some people DO indulge?  It's hard for me to believe that this guy falls for the kind of pseudo-science that had other doctors avoiding saturated fat....

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