Thursday, February 2, 2012

indulgence and irony

At the four-week-point weigh-in yesterday, results were disappointing but nothing to discourage me from continuing with the paleo program.  If my weight loss has stalled, part of the problem is the inflammation in my injured knee, and additionally, all the travel has encouraged water retention.  Nevertheless, i DID give myself permission to anticipate the 30-day minimum of perfect conduct:  i went out for sushi with my daughter and three friends at Chitsuru in Houston, and i had a great evening -- with sake.

I perused the menu before going -- i always like to do that when trying a new restaurant.  Sometimes, it's just impossible to read a menu with full comprehension when people are around.  I pretty well decided what i was going to eat beforehand (pending changes of mood or an enticing special...), and ended up sticking to my conclusion:  hot sake, pickled vegetables, mackerel sashimi, yellowtail, and a rice-free roll with cucumber, masago, avocado and eel.

With the first nibble of my appetizer, i was sold on this place!  I have never been a pickle enthusiast -- the nasty, vinegary stuff that comes in jars at the local supermarket has ALWAYS left me cold -- but sometimes ethnic restaurants have pleasant surprises in that department.  This outshone the best.  True lacto-fermented radish, squash, and a sweetish mystery vegetable truly blew me away.  Not only were they delicious, but my digestive tract has been thanking me ever since.  :-)

The mackerel was wonderful -- mild and meaty.  Whoever thinks mackerel is exceptionally strong, obviously hasn't had it prepared or handled right.  The yellowtail was delectable and beautifully presented.  The roll was delicious as well -- gave me a taste of the eel i love without a big dose of the "naughty" sauce that frequently accompanies it.  A taste of Gina's seaweed salad proves that this restaurant does THAT well, too.  Chitsuru is going to be a return-to place whenever i'm visiting here!

That said ... I WAS NAUGHTY.  I drank sake and used a little soy sauce (i asked after tamari, but it was not to be had).  I also had a couple of tastes of the rolls my daughter and a friend had ordered (i.e., i had a little rice).  I rationalized to myself that the small amount of sugar from the eel and the digestion of the tablespoon or two of rice was not significant, in that i had no fruit yesterday.  I "know" rice to be non-toxic to me (part of the reason why i ordered sake instead of chardonnay).  There IS no excuse for the soy sauce, though.

Last night, i didn't sleep quite so soundly as i have been doing since i arrived in Texas.  I tossed a little, and "slept hot" (had to keep my feet out from under the covers), and had another of my trademark "interesting" dreams -- i credit the sake for that.  I frequently feel hot while metabolizing off alcohol as fuel (the body has to burn it before sugar or fat, because it can't be stored).

The ultimate irony, though -- i stepped on the scales to survey the damage this morning, and found myself two pounds lower than yesterday.  It seems like an encouragement to vice, but i'm not going to fall for it.


  1. Yay! I'm glad it ended with a nice surprise on the scale.

    I sometimes find I get a little "whoosh" of weight loss after an indulgence. Haven't figured it out yet. I did finally figure out that I always gain two pounds mid-cycle, for two days, and then it goes away. Thank goodness I figured that out as it was driving me bats.

  2. yes, this is not the first time i've been "rewarded" for bad behavior -- i can't explain it, either! ...not complaining, though!