Thursday, February 23, 2012

back to the definitive program

I found the "limitation of matter" yesterday, lol....

The scale was down a scant 1/4 pound this morning.  Yesterday's intake consisted of the last patty of my chuck/liver/parsley/pepper mixture WITH SALT, four full cups of black coffee (half decaf), 3 glasses of water (plus the amount i drank while taking my supplements), 6 oz. of pot roast with salt and pepper, half a cup of german-style potato salad, 4 ounces of sake and 2 of traminette.  I didn't "exercise" at all (besides the innumerable stairs i climb as a daily necessity, in this house).

I woke after 8 hours or thereabouts, with more enthusiasm for compliance with the "Strong Medicine" than i have the last couple of days.  Between the lower calorie/protein intake and the splurge in wine, i saw on the scale what i wanted AND expected -- a small loss.  It's comforting to be able to predict what will result from one's actions!

So, this morning i DID get my before-breakfast activity (stationary bike), my single cup of coffee and fatty-meat ration.  Brother, does it make a difference when the meat is cooked RIGHT -- i put a nice marbled chuck roast in the crockpot yesterday instead of doing it on the stovetop.  (My stove is impossible to turn down far enough, even using a "flame tamer"!  Frankly, for any kind of "cheap" roast, the crockpot does SO MUCH BETTER a job of getting it tender....)

I'll continue to follow the program today, and anticipate a 1/2# loss tomorrow -- it will be reassuring if i'm right, but if the scale is even lower, i certainly won't cry!


  1. Congrats on your progress!

    I love my crockpot, too. I use it for gentle cooking of meat, and especially to make bone broth. It's such a no brainer, which is perfect for me, many days! :)

  2. i tried making bone broth in my crockpot, over a series of days, and i wasn't pleased with the product. how did you do it? did it turn out "drinkable" like a good stock, or was it more watery (like mine)? i realize the nutritional value was there, even if i didn't taste much -- but i wanted the flavor, too!

  3. I ususally just let it go overnight. I tend to "overbone" my stock, so often it turns out gelatinous after it cools. I have had watery broth in the past, but that was when I underboned! The happy medium would probably be ideal, if one could hit it (thought I don't mind gelatinous broth, it heats up fine, and the taste is there).

  4. do you brown your beef bones in the oven first? do you use vinegar or another acid? :-) it seems to be the beef that lets me down -- chicken-foot stock is pretty reliable.

  5. I don't brown first, but I do use vinegar when I remember! Most of my experience is with chicken and turkey. Come to think of it, I don't think I've made a beef bone broth in the crockpot.