Monday, February 6, 2012

long drive home

Time to drive home, so no rant today....  ;-)

I restrained myself quite well at the Superbowl party last night -- the worst thing i can accuse myself of is eating about four hot wings, but they were SO good!  Adrian did them on the grill with a home-made glaze that included sugar, but since they weren't breaded, most of it slid right off.  I had half-a-dozen bites of pineapple which contained a lot more.  Mostly filled up on my own scotch eggs and a goodly pile of celery sticks.  Sake to drink.  :-)  When i weight myself on my own scale tomorrow, i don't anticipate any frights.

There's a pot of coffee on, downstairs, of which i'll take along a big glassful, iced.  (Sure wish i weren't out of coconut milk!  I may have to stop at a store along the way and pick up a couple of cans.)  I have boiled eggs, coppocollo, macadamias, and a little piece of chocolate left for on-the-road; yeah, i'm GONNA have to stop for a real meal somewhere along the line....

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