Saturday, February 25, 2012

damn, i love "Strong Medicine"

Another half-pound of loss, and i almost regret the contemplation of going out for sushi tonight!  ALMOST.  ...Naw, i don't, because i'm sure that occasional carb refeeds are a good plan, to keep one's system on its toes.  Kinda like hormesis.

Now that i've ironed out a few difficulties i found with this high-protein-high-fat regimen, and the weight is still coming off, i feel like i could conquer the world!  Although it calls for what other dieters might call "sacrifice," i don't feel deprived AT ALL.  Most western-world dietary practices are nothing but habit buttressed by bad science and corporate propaganda.  My appetite is satisfied and i feel great.  My nutritional needs are met -- i don't need to use food for any other purpose.


  1. I am so glad it's going well for you! Go Tess!

    I do tend to use food for other purposes, like entertainment, or stress relief. But I think I'm doing better at limiting that.

  2. thank you, Steph! :-) hoping that today's indulgences haven't derailed me!