Wednesday, February 8, 2012

wimped out: delayed weighing

...and i feel GUILTY!!!  Well, uh, no, i don't -- i don't believe in doing that.  I just feel waterlogged still, and it's only discouraging to weigh in under such circumstances.  I WAS good yesterday, although i visited my dear neighbors and had a few ounces of sake in their company.

Today i need some fish!  It's been a week since my sushi fix with the girls, and visions of sardines are dancing in my head.  Or i could go the whitefish fillet route, too -- coated with almond flour and fried up in coconut oil -- we'll see what calls my name, later!  I have a head of cauliflower in the fridge, too; time to get creative with it.

The satisfaction of being at home continues, with the renewal of my love affair with my milk frother.  ;-)  I picked up a can of coconut milk of a different brand, but it didn't foam up as well, so i'll be sticking to Thai Kitchen from here on.  Today will also be laundry day -- i have quite a stack of things from my trip, linens and living-history clothes as well as conventional attire to wash, fold, and put away, so i'll be burning plenty of energy running up and down stairs!  With plenty of coffee, i think i can make it! 


  1. Danger, Will Robinson! Obnoxious comment ahead!

    Are you OK with cauliflower, re: the goitrogens? I only ask because too many goitrogens really mess with my thyroid.

    As for weighing or not, I'm with you, don't when you're all fluid-y! Who needs it.

  2. from all i've read, the goitrogens in brassicas are mostly "disabled" when they're cooked, so i don't worry about them, unless they're raw. then again, i've never NOTICED a problem at any time. i wonder if the problem with them might be in the presence of a vitamin or mineral deficiency? like, people who are selenium-deficient have a bad reaction from iodine....