Friday, February 17, 2012

being able to ensure appropriate intake is important

What with one thing and another, i haven't been eating very "cleanly" the last day or so.

My mood is distinctly impaired, and i blame my diet.  If you ever read Dr. Emily Deans' blog "Evolutionary Psychiatry," you'll find many instances of documentable (because, God knows, she's a Harvard-trained and -approved "limb" and dares not break the old lockstep...) effects of nutrition (or lack of it) on mental function.  Don't get me wrong -- i think well of Dr. Deans' work and respect her intellect and ability, and i understand why she has to cover her ass, but i deplore the good-ol'-colleagues' system, and she DOES belong to it....

If my experience with the Personal Paleo Code has taught me anything, it's that "clean" eating makes me feel exceptionally good, and that consuming an inferior diet makes me feel bloody awful.  Most of my acquaintance doesn't believe this.  My best friend, although she is also convinced that diet is important, doesn't share in my rejection of grains.  I'm sure she doesn't think the same of dairy as i do (forgoing it with regret), either, and nor is she inclined to abjure aspartame.  I think i've corrupted her a bit, though:  i'm pretty sure she's already ordered "Paleo Comfort Foods"!  :-)

Even when my husband is in town and we're eating out, i make every attempt to eat a diet that does not contain things i know are deleterious.  That's not good enough for optimal nutrition.  One can't be sure of what is in restaurant food, even in the best places.  I have to do my own cooking -- and if that's not easy for me, it's got to be INCREDIBLY difficult for most other people. 

But again, it's time to take things into my own hands once more.  For the sake of my health and well-being, nothing less is good enough.  Tomorrow is Day One again, and i will be deleting even more -- because self-indulgence only delays achieving what i know to be worthwhile, and indulgence isn't THAT rewarding, after all.

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