Tuesday, February 7, 2012

pleased to report, my dog still loves me

Ahhhh -- home!  :-D  Only the pleasure of spending time with my daughter's family makes it reasonable to stay away so long!

Rolled into my parking spot at about 11 last night -- long day!  Thank heavens for my satellite radio....  Stopped only twice for gasoline and etcetera, including a good steak dinner at the over-halfway point, and the lack of gimpiness whenever i stepped out of the car continued to be a real treat.  I'm going to continue doing without dairy products (except butter), as i consider them the most likely suspects.

I'm going to back away from drinking conventional wines, too, and i'll tell you why:  after allowing the water heater a chance to respond to my turning it up last night, i poured myself a good hot bath AND a glass of chardonnay by way of relaxer, and i almost immediately felt water retention in my hands and feet.  I don't know what made it happen -- does my home box wine contain an additive that the restaurant wine in TX did not have?  I need to do some research.  Meanwhile, it's back to sake ... and i did NOT get on the scale this morning.

Today is going to feature nothing more strenuous than unloading the car and visiting the grocery.  I think i'll take Spenser along, as he's a great traveler and i'll only be running in for coconut milk.  NO (because people always ask) -- it's NOT "like Spencer Tracy" -- that man was an abusive, alcoholic JERK.  The poor dog (American Eskimo, aka White German Spitz) had already been renamed when previously adopted, and i chose not to change it again, but i at least changed the spelling to match the Elizabethan poet, Edmund Spenser (though hardly a faultless character -- ask the Irish...).  My Spense isn't faultless either -- he bites.


  1. In my defense, I didn't name him Spencer after ANYONE. I just liked the name. :) Glad you made it home safely! Love you!

  2. yeah, you told me you didn't have any other Spenser in mind -- it's just that half the time, when i reveal his name, people mention Tracy....

    love you too! thanks for putting up with me! ;-)