Tuesday, January 31, 2012

vacation laziness and temptation

I'm staying on the straight-and-narrow -- barely!  :-) 

It's only my second full day here at my daughter's house, and i ate some CIAB*!  <gasp>  Well, it was something i found at the grocery store, and since the ingredient list contained acceptable things, i decided to indulge (this IS a vacation after all...).  Vegetable crisps cooked in palm oil, with a little sea salt.  Not bad, but not luscious enough to be a danger.

We also went out for lunch, where i made up for the fact that i didn't bring along my copper supplements.  A dozen oysters on the halfshell -- YUM --they just give me a glow of content....  I feel a LITTLE guilty about the blackened chicken breast on my mixed-greens salad (dressed with lime juice) -- but not much.  Anything that was in the spice mixture which might have been questionable, was in very small quantity.  In the morning i weigh in again, so the rest of today i'll be "good." 

Tomorrow, i might be kinda bad.  It'll be 28 days, not 30, but i MIGHT be adding something back into my diet.  My daughter and i have a date with "the girls" for sushi (sashimi and seaweed salad for me), and under the circumstances, a glass of white wine may well be unavoidable.  ;-)  Not promising -- not even close to "decided" -- but MAYBE....

Then again, being on-a-roll is not something that i'm willing to sacrifice lightly.  I've long considered it easier to be "perfect" than "moderate."  We'll see.

*CIAB = "crap in a box/bag"

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