Saturday, January 14, 2012

hubby joins in

I couldn't be more pleased!  When i had the opportunity to fully describe what i'm doing, my husband actually volunteered to try it, too!

When i described all the things i'm NOT eating, he lost some enthusiasm.  However, i explained why it's important to get any conceivably problematic food out of the diet so one can systematically reintroduce them and gauge their impact.  I think the engineer in him found this reasonable.

So off we go -- together!  :-D  I have no doubt, he'll improve so fast that he'll leave me in the dust; that's happened on diets before now.  Since he has further to go, i MIGHT be able to reach my goal first -- that will be an incentive to keep the spurs on myself!

p.s. -- i'm still nightshade-free.  i decided to have the bourguignonne yesterday, then found that the two potatoes i had left had passed the point of no return.  search turned up some jerusalem artichoke (sunchoke) in the basement refrigerator, so i cut them in similar-sized pieces, tossed them in olive oil and treated them as oven-fries.  very tasty, but methane-producing....

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  1. Oh yay! How fun that you are partnering in this!