Thursday, January 26, 2012

off into the wild

I've got a living history event this weekend -- YEA!  I'm heading out to Texas to play Old West with a bunch of friends.  This is one of those events that people outside the hobby almost never hear about, because these have no spectators and are not publicized; we "play" with and for only each other.  Imagine three to five dozen actors of various degrees of competence, dressed in appropriate period style, in a good-sized permanent town of more than a score of buildings.  We have a boarding house, a large barn, church, mercantile, three saloons, marshal's office with jail, two bunkhouses, various businesses and a few dwellings.

A lot of fun, and a lot of work.... 

I've spent a lot of the last two days in the kitchen, preparing paleo-appropriate food for the highway -- also the weekend's food, for when the meals provided won't be edible by those of us who eschew the "neolithic agents of disease."  Recipes out of the "Paleo Comfort Foods" cookbook feature prominently.

This event will be the only one i've ever attended while on the wagon -- THAT part is a grief!  I'll be drinking San Pelegrino water with a sliver of lime.  <Sigh>

Back soon!  Have a great weekend!  (I will.)

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