Tuesday, January 24, 2012

cut and dried, and packed in a nutshell

Yesterday i read a blog which caused me to say to myself:  THIS IS IT.  The tag-team match is over, and Taubes' group wins.  I raise my cup of tea with coconut milk in it to Peter at Hyperlipid (i'd raise a glass of good French champagne, but it's not on my diet for at least another couple of weeks)! 

Check out this post, and this one, too -- Peter's own words are worth reading.  If you want the short version, it goes like this:  INSULIN DRIVES FAT STORAGE, ergo obesity.  Yes, you can screw with your fat cells' receptivity of insulin via the brain, but that doesn't mean the brain is the key organ of people's weight problems.

Don't want to gain weight, keep your fasting insulin low.  Keep your fasting insulin low by keeping your blood sugar low.  Keep your blood sugar low by being careful of what carbohydrates you eat, AND HOW YOU EAT THEM*.  If you once develop a metabolic handicap you'll have it for years, possibly to the end of your life, whether you lose weight or not.

Oh -- to fine-tune, make sure you don't damage your hypothalamus (brain end of the equation) with the common toxins of aspartame (Equal) or MSG (which hides under many different names on ingredient lists) -- that's one of the ways the researchers screwed with the rat brains. 

* Apparently, those who use the Kitavans as poster children for a high carbohydrate diet didn't tell the whole story of HOW the islanders eat:  one big meal a day.  They store the carb as fat, then live on the fat taken from storage for the next 23 hours.  [sarcasm alert]  Yeah -- that's similar to how people here eat high carb....

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