Friday, January 6, 2012

half a step back

At least, now i know that i should be avoiding nightshades.

Yesterday i made a delicious stew that included poblano pepper, tomatillos, and various chili powders, but my gut didn't like it as well as my tastebuds did.  Bloating, insomnia, sinus issues and headache were the eventual reward.  I won't be doing that again any time soon.  Today's main meal will be a nice simple beefsteak and parsnips; maybe i'll breakfast on a plantain i have in the fridge, fried up in coconut oil.

I should have suspected a nightshade sensitivity, even though the symptoms were never this obvious before.  My mother CRAVES potatoes, and frequently gets a headache after eating chips and salsa; you and i learned way back in the Atkins days that cravings frequently indicate an unhealthy relationship to a particular foodstuff -- allergy or addiction (or both).

So there will be NO more tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, potatoes, chili powder, paprika or tobacco this month.  At least the last one is easy to forgo.

Tomorrow i should be willing to step on the scales again.


  1. I hope you get some of these back after the month (I'm especially rooting for chili powder). Good for you for keeping things simple.

    We have one here with a salacylate sensitivity, one who only eats carrots and banana, one whose only "vegetable" is apples, and I avoid all goitrogens for thyroid. That leaves us...not much! But it's better to feel better, and simple eating can make life less stressful.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. thanks, Steph!

    oh, i'm sure all those nightshades will come back, but perhaps not in the "concentrated" way i ate them yesterday! i've never had trouble eating chili the way i make it, with tomatoes and chili powder (i like Penzey's medium-hot; it doesn't have the garbage in it that grocery store types do).

    i'm hypothyroid, too, so i also go light on the goitrogens. fortunately, i like most fruits and veggies -- maybe all of them, in fact? :-) oddly enough, though, i seem to benefit more from the sublingual B12 that contains the cyano, than the methyl and hydr-whatever....

    yeah, ya gotta work around what the kids are willing to eat, but fortunately, their tastes grow up, too. when my kids were at home, i always prepared two vegetables for dinner, so each would eat at least one.

  3. I started a sublingal B12 recently, I think because of you? Thanks!

    I make a mean Santa Fe style red chile sauce that we put on potatoes, eggs, ckicken, yum. That's a daily dish.