Tuesday, January 10, 2012

half a day off

No, i didn't take a day off from the Personal Paleo Code -- that would have meant that i wasted almost a whole week!  :-)  I'm still being good....

But i did have to take some time off from my usual pursuits because my neighborhood had a power outage and -- gasp -- i had no internet, no movies, and limited battery power.  At 7:30 last night things suddenly went dark, and although they expected electrical service to be resumed at about 10, it wasn't.  Not till midday, today.

The really peculiar thing to happen, though, was that i suddenly wanted to SNACK!  Now, i'm not a snacker anymore.  When i was doing Atkins (converted from the SAD), i reveled in the opportunity to eat nuts and cheese, deviled eggs, that sort of thing -- what luxury!  I occasionally used the Advantage bars, but mostly when i was in a hurry or on the highway.  Then, a couple of years ago i discovered the paleo world, and hey, that was great, too.  All i had to do was dump a very few "evil" things i was eating which had been okay on run-of-the-mill low-carb.  I developed recipes for "cleaner" snack bars, played with nut flours, fine-tuned my supplement-taking: that sort of thing.  Eventually, however, nutrition caught up with me (especially after reading "The Perfect Health Diet"), and i no longer wanted to eat between meals.  In fact, all of the information i'd read on intermittent fasting encouraged me to dump breakfast or supper (whichever meal i just wasn't hungry for).  WOW.  Freedom.  It's easy to see why i didn't NEED to eat:  once one starts burning fat as one's principle fuel (and not lacking micronutrients), the body's energy desires are easily met by what's in storage.

Then came last night....  WHY, with my belly still busy with the duck breast and sour cherries (modified from the wonderful "Nourishing Traditions" cookbook), was i tempted?  I didn't succumb, but it puzzled me.

Speculation is all i have, here.  Even though i was minimally inconvenienced, was it a stress reaction?  In the past, insane traffic has been known to make me crave carbs or alcohol.  But it doesn't make a lot of sense that i'd be stressed simply because i was obliged to light the oil lamp that was already at my elbow, and swap the computer chat with my out-of-town husband for an actual BOOK.  I'm a reenactor, for heaven's sake -- i can do ANYTHING non-electrically, and i have the tools for it, too.  I wasn't afraid the stuff in the fridge would rot, i wasn't missing a television program, i didn't fear the zombie apocalypse, nothing.

Maybe it was conditioning.  Evening, candlelight....  Before i started the PPC, i would have had a glass of wine or a cocktail at hand, and all the cheese and nuts (and even some home-made salmon pinwheels) downstairs in the kitchen are very enticing. 

I don't know.  Anyway, i just downed the rest of my glass of water containing a generous lime wedge, refilled it, told myself that i was being silly, and went back to my reading.

But i'm still puzzled.  Suggestions?

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  1. Hm, my only thoughts are, re-enactments are planned, this wasn't, maybe it triggered a stress response? Or not talking to your husband last night was harder than you thought it would be?

    Or maybe you were so happy to have the excuse just to sit and read, and some part of you tried to quelch those happy feelings?

    But I'm going with zombie apocalypse.


    When I get scary munchies (not often now, but occasionally) I usually give myself my last meal, brush my teeth, and have done for the day. Of course, this does not work if they hit in the AM.