Monday, January 23, 2012

a little "woo" is not a bad thing

I failed to get myself some new clothes for the Chinese New Year, but i'm wearing a shirt i haven't had on in a couple of years -- can we let that count?  ;-)  I still plan to serve fish for dinner....

As part of the starting-anew concept, i also looked up some other new-yearish info.  In the 9 Star Ki* (a Japanese) system, next month will begin a new cycle too, a year of dynamic change (i THINK it's 8 Soil, but don't quote me).  Does that fit in well with your understanding of 2012 or what!  In numerology*, this is a Five year, a balancing point in the 9-year cycle, where decisions and changes are made, in order to send the next four years in the direction you want them to go.

Different esoteric systems look at different things to make predictions and recommendations.  I find that they work together very harmoniously, even though they don't coalesce to give a CONCRETE picture ("you will meet a tall handsome stranger...").  Astrology, of which i have a small amount of knowledge, also "works" -- when you get past the silly oversimplification of Sun Signs.  Here's a perfect example, from one of the better sites:  "Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, spent most of the past decade (or more) in incompatible signs – this was a macro indication that the world was unhappy."  The last two were 6 Metal and 7 Metal years in the 9 Star Ki system -- the world HAS had trouble with money (metal), now hasn't it?

If you're old enough to find this blog interesting, you probably remember the era of the hippie and talk of the Age of Aquarius -- know what?  The reason all that fizzled out back then was because they were too early; they anticipated their cosmic income.  The Age of Aquarius is NOW, and the changes happening (Occupy, anyone?) are going to take hippie idealism and eventually make it happen.

The forces which are fighting change are going to find it a losing battle, because the world CANNOT continue in the way it's going.  We all need to make changes in ourselves and the way we do things voluntarily, because if we're forced to do it by circumstances later, it'll be a lot more painful.

* a couple of favorite sites are and

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