Monday, January 30, 2012

more reflecting on effects of "paleostyle" living

As i progress in the first month of the Personal Paleo Code, different things start "popping out at me" -- gaining my attention as fewer diet-confounding symptoms are noticeable....

One thing happened several times over the course of the weekend, which RECENTLY hasn't been an issue with me:  forgetfulness!  I don't know how many times i was conversing with someone, and the word i wanted just would NOT come to mind.  This was historically something that would often annoy me about myself, even in early adulthood, but not something that's troubled me over the past few years.  On the drive between the living-history town and my daughter's house, i had plenty of time to ruminate on why this may have occurred over the weekend.

The stand-out "failure" i was guilty of, during the event, was late nights and early mornings.  The people i "play" with are VERY dear friends whom i see way too seldom.  When i finally get to enjoy their company, i try to make the most of the hours, and it's very easy for 2am to overtake me -- then, the next morning i may (as i did on Sunday) have to awaken at 6 in order to wait tables at breakfast.  Wednesday night (as i was preparing to leave home), Thursday night (sharing a room with my best friend), and Saturday night (as described above) i got WAAAYYY too little sleep.  Could that be why my brain just was not retrieving language-related information the way i expected it to?

On the other hand, i was proud of myself, the way i stuck to the dietary part of the Code.  As all my friends were downing beers, ciders, wine and "Pembertons" (Coke), i sipped innocently at my San-Pellegrino-with-a-sliver-of-lime pretty happily (it helped stave off the dehydration i frequently experience, too).   Bacon and eggs, nuts, a few fruits (more than my usual, in fact), steak and green beans were the mainstays of the weekend.  My energy and stamina were good.  I have to say, i DID leave a couple of supplements at home which i take semi-regularly -- i figured i'd be able to make up for their lack by eating things like oysters....  :-D

I'll make sure to get plenty of rest this week, and see how that improves the way my brain works (i'm even feeling more difficulty in expressing myself in writing).  I slept very well last night, so i'm thinking that one more long night's sleep OUGHT to catch me up properly.  If tomorrow's post isn't a bit more fluent ... well, i'm on the Gulf Coast and it's the end of January!  Where's me some seafood?!

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  1. Oh, lack of sleep totally compromises my brain. I'll bet that's what caused the trouble finding words.

    Glad your outing was fun!