Wednesday, January 25, 2012

three week point

...and the weigh-in was as bad as i expected it to be.  Up 1.2# from last week, and i've been PERFECT.  It's water -- there's no delusion about that part -- i can feel it all over my body.  It's still discouraging, though.

This is where temptation creeps in.  Not temptation to quit, but to TWEAK.  I considered having today as a water-fast day, or a fat-fast, and not recording my weight till tomorrow.  I considered dropping the coconut milk because of the big calorie load -- and i don't "believe in" calories!  (That's a figurative expression, because of course they exist....)  I was tempted to add in sucralose ahead of schedule, because i'm quite sure it has minimal impact on me; then i could drink tea instead of coffee (and i must have it sweet).

Time to get tough with myself.  I'm going downstairs and make myself a big bacon-and-egg scramble.  I'm not going to change a bloody thing.  The coconut is IN, and two full meals a day are IN, and sucralose, nightshades, etc. are OUT.  I'm GOING TO force myself to drink more water throughout the day (i thoroughly dislike water-chugging).  The bad numbers are going in the record, and with any kind of luck, next week's will seem far more impressive than they would have looked otherwise.

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