Sunday, September 2, 2012

well, i AVERAGED two good nights' sleep....

The first night my husband is back from a long business trip, we both tend to sleep poorly.  He's a big guy, and is used to sleeping in a king-size bed in his hotel.  We have a queen-size, at home.  It takes time to get used to the tossing and snoring of another person in your bed.

Friday night, i got something like four hours, which is precisely half of what i absolutely require.  I took a nap yesterday afternoon, but was still ready to hit the hay last night rather early.  I got over nine hours.  YES.  Back to feeling good.  (I hope you clicked the YouTube link in the last post -- it was a young James Brown performing one of his signature songs, complete with dance moves, in all its B&W glory.)

But yesterday, i felt ROTTEN.  Though my eating was the same as usual for the previous couple of days, i experienced that unpleasant weak/shaky hypoglycemic feeling and my head felt kinda "swimmy" at breakfast.  We quickly hit the grocer's for a few essentials, then returned home where i crashed with a book.  The afternoon was better, and this morning improved further.

It all goes to show, even if you're doing everything else right, if your sleep is inadequate, your health CANNOT be optimal.  Right, Wooo?  ;-)


  1. oh, how easily sleep can be disrupted. I'm blaming the recent sleepless nights on the full moon.

  2. i think that's a very reasonable assumption!