Sunday, September 16, 2012

just gotta vent

I was just catching up with comments on some of my favorite blogs.

Fertheluvugod, why do STOOPID PEOPLE have to go in public and argue with the educated and thought-capable?  Wooo, Sid, Kindke, (etc) i admire your patience to calmly explain things to them.

Makes me want to drink more, but i know it would just give me a bigger headache than i have already.


  1. Oh, some of the posts, very "lolworthy". (I just love that word!) "I've read some books and you're wrong!" Priceless. I almost want to make a needlepoint pillow out of it.

  2. gotta laugh, but sometimes i despair for this country! how did we collect so many fucking IDIOTS???

    sorry.... i think it must be the carbs and omega6s in "their" diets.... some days, i just want to crawl into bed with a bottle of gin and pull the blankets over my head!