Saturday, September 15, 2012


[chuckle of delight]

WHY are we so married to eggs and grain-products for breakfast, in this country?  My new Austrian cookbook mentioned goulash (American spelling) for breakfast "over there" and i just had to do it.  In the crockpot, all night on "low."  I just cubed a beautifully-marbled chuck roast and threw it in with all the onions (sliced) i had in the house (2), a spoonful of paprika, a dash of vinegar, an open can of diced tomatoes i had in the fridge (about 2/3 of it, in place of the tablespoon of puree in the recipe), and some marjoram and caraway seeds.  Voila, breakfast!  Next time i need to add more caraway.

Now, for the love o' pete, will someone tell me why there are so damn many delectable-sounding desserts in this book?


  1. Hi, I found your blog through a comment on Mark's Daily Apple. I am trying to figure out exactly what you eat because I have been stalled for months at the same weight. I do more primal than paleo(must have heavy cream in coffee and cheese sometimes),but I eat no grains, no sugar,very few nightshades(love summer tomatoes :( ) Meat at least once(usually twice a day),take fish oil pills,drink water and do yoga,swim or walk almost everyday. Still stuck for months. I am 42 and for some reason I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.

  2. hi, Ponchmor, welcome! sorry to hear about your stall -- that's SO frustrating! i eat a very restricted diet now that the "easy" weight is lost -- mostly meat and fish, with vegetables only as flavoring, though occasionally (once a month?) i have a big (but clean) meal of everything. have you ever read "Strong Medicine" by Blake Donaldson? it's available online at but i understand that it's hard to come by, in hardcopy.

    sometimes it gets to a point where you have to temporarily give up even things like cream and cheese, to get past a plateau. a lot of us have found that personal sensitivities even make some vegetables problematic! ah, the joys of midlife.... ;-) good luck!

  3. To be fair, most austrians eat pastries with coffee for breakfast, or something along that line. Breakfast cereals.

    Our cuisine does lend itself to low carb though, at least thats what I always thought. Just replace the potatoes and pasta with more veggies and you are good to go.

    And we used to be known for our desserts. Probably because the monarchs liked sweet and decadent stuff :) Sachertorte, Linzertorte, Punschkrapfen, all sorts of Strudels, pancakes, stuff based on Quark:
    That and our enormours alcohol consumption might explain why we are world leaders in fatty liver and liver cancer :)

  4. are you in Austria? :-) i'm getting an urge to go to that part of the world -- doesn't hurt that half my ancestry traces to southern Germany.... my husband and i are celebrating a major anniversary next year, and we're starting to talk about a vacation.