Wednesday, September 26, 2012

a paleo reminiscence

When i first started exploring a reduced-toxin lifestyle, i read a little bit about the questionable ingredients in personal-care products.  I figured a lot of the hype was overblown, although staying away from "chemicals" that are known to be deleterious can only be a good idea.  After all, we KNOW that toxins as well as beneficial substances can easily be absorbed through the skin -- look at how often epsom salt baths are recommended!

I tried a few old-fashioned recipes for hair and skin care, etc.  First i tried shampooing with baking soda and found it unappealing, until i added a vinegar rinse, at which point it was ... acceptable.  Works in a pinch, at any rate.  Then i tried Bronner's soap (peppermint) and vinegar, and i LIKED that.  My hair wasn't as soft, but it felt stronger and i noticed that i shed less.  It cleansed my scalp much better than soda did.

I did that for well over a year, then kinda fell off the wagon when i was traveling so much -- i started using hotel shampoos.  :-P  But it's EASY, you don't have to pack as much stuff (and with my supplement list, i pack a lot already), and one's hair ends up softer and shinier ... but with FRIZZIES when the air is humid.

Well, it's been damp here the last couple of days.  Last night we had quite a storm, and i feared i'd need to turn the a/c back on, it was so steamy.  This morning my hair desperately needed washing -- so i went back to the Bronner's and vinegar!  Frizzies -- under control.  My hair feels thicker and denser, which just shows me how commercial shampoos strip the oils away.

I think i'll stick with the low-tech products.  Putting more Bronner's and vinegar on the shopping list....


  1. I switched to a creme based soap and Shea butter based shampoo and see no reason to switch back. There is a lot of ingredients in the products we put on our skin that one would need a PHD in chemistry to be familiar with.

  2. ...and i don't have enough faith in the testing procedures to be comfortable with using some of them, even though i worked in chem labs for years and multisyllabic words don't phase me. :-) with environmental toxins being impossible to avoid, i'd prefer to minimize the ones i can control!