Sunday, September 30, 2012

FR is just "the munchies" after all

"Everybody" has been talking about the recent omega-6 thing....  Up to now, defining "rewarding" foods as opposed to "palatable" ones has been horribly nebulous, but perhaps we can stick a label on it now.

"Rewarding" foods -- the ones that cause the trouble -- are generally loaded with the industrial seed oils whose components act like pot on the appetite.  They frequently contain grain opioids, also.  ADDICTIVE FOODS ARE DRUGS -- no difference whatsoever.

When exactly the right (wrong) foods hit a particular set of genes, nasty things happen.  ...On top of the nasty things that happen when a metabolism that doesn't want to run on glucose is forced to do just that.

So can we file FR in the "substance abuse" folder now?  THANK YOU!

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