Wednesday, September 12, 2012

dawn of the challenge

The big news today is that Gary Taubes and Peter Attia have officially launched their new venture to challenge mainstream nutritional science, which has been such a dismal failure up to now.  Glad to say, even astrology is on their side.

After reading that, i started looking at today's posts on a list of blogs that i consider "second string" for my purposes, and immediately got riled by Dr. Freedhoff's article on the subject.  Not the first time -- i find some of his attitudes rather abrasive to my personality.  His style of food-culture-bashing and mine are ... different.  "What if everything you knew about nutrition was false?"  Whaddaya mean, "what if"?  IT IS FALSE ... if the "you" in this statement refers to CW.

Screw the "evidence" about Ewes AND Kitavans -- show me a culture in the MODERN world in which people eat like they do and stay lean IN MIDDLE AGE.  Young bodies can get away with almost anything.  Stress of city living screws up every tribe which enters it.  The confounders to all these hypotheses are mind-boggling.

My recent success may be making me a little cocky, but the data from my body, and that which JM is currently reporting, AND what Wooo has been talking about for YEARS is all on the same page:  if you're "of a certain age" OR have never had the physiological perfection of someone living in a technologically-limited tropical backwater, extreme carbohydrate restriction may be the only thing that could save your health!

Personally, i wish the best to NuSI -- they've got a tough row to hoe, because a lot of industrial-food money as well as the moribund weight of the medical business are against them.  :-/ They even have the problem of Mr. Taubes' unpopularity to deal with, and Dr. Atkins could tell them what that's like....  I don't agree with everything the former and Dr. Attia have written, but they're SO MUCH closer to the mark than the ADA, it isn't worth quibbling.

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