Saturday, September 8, 2012

in that fat-burning groove

The scale was down another half-pound today, and i'm back to that lowest-in-several-years point where i was before the last trip to SF.  It IS tiresome to have to lose the same few pounds over and over, but at least i'm still trending downward.  Seven and a half pounds to goal (again)!

On yesterday's theme, i took the same supplements this morning, but haven't had any caffeine (yet).  I've had good energy and stamina, even after a short shopping trip, and when i returned i broke my fast with a grassfed burger -- and now i have a bit of postprandial sleepiness.  Perhaps i should have a cup of high-octane now, and have the second dose of tyrosine and carnitine in two or three hours when the AAs in my brunch have "moved on" a bit....

It's the tyrosine, with no significant contribution by the caffeine.  Wow.  If i had the credentials i'd recommend that anyone with fatigue issues should try this non-essential amino acid, beginning with a low dose and increasing it slowly till they see a response....  ;-)

One of the tasks i've broached with my new-found energy has been to try making treats for Spenser myself.  It's not easy to find a decently-priced doggie snack that hasn't got some really objectionable ingredients.  What half-wit thinks that SUGAR is an appropriate additive to bikkies???  Even if he DID brush his own teeth, it wouldn't be a good idea.  No wonder so many spoiled puppies get diabetes.  Grrrrr....  Then there are the tainted jerkies that come out of China....

After perusing a bunch of recipes that have ingredients almost as inappropriate as in professionally-made treats, i decided to make some chicken jerky for him, from a recipe intended for humans.  I sliced chicken breast thinly and marinated it overnight in fish sauce, lemon juice, garlic and ginger.  It's finishing up in the dehydrator as i write -- sure hope he likes it when it's done!  Of course, if it's people-food, there shouldn't be much doubt: i didn't put any alcohol in it.  That's about the only thing in MY diet that he doesn't like.


  1. Hi Tess.

    I came to have a look after your Blog was listed on Livin La Vida and I/ve stayed around.

    I am wondering about getting some Tyrosine. Can you point me in a good direction for more information. My thyroid is not underactive but nor is it optimal and I have had so much stress that adrenal depletion should be an issue. Chronic fatigue needs to be addressed.


  2. hi, MargieAnne, and welcome! i'll have to check out your blogs. :-) when i was reading up on tyrosine before, i wasn't paying particular attention to how it affects the adrenals, but i just googled "tyrosine for adrenal issues" and got lots of promising-looking links. i hope you find that it helps you!

  3. YAY - well done tess! I know what you mean about losing the same pounds over and over again. I have been stuck in this 5 lb loop for a few months now. I figure if one keeps doing the right things, the weight HAS TO go down eventually. (She hopes.)

  4. i have faith in that, too! even though i know what to do now, i occasionally need to change things up for some UNknown reason.... my progress seems to go through phases of lose a pound or two, level off, gain a pound, get strict, lose another two pounds, and so on. :-) it's like an uneven slope that is nevertheless going downhill ... or so i'm banking on!