Monday, September 10, 2012

wages of sin

Oh, i ate so many calories yesterday -- fifty percent more than my usual -- including some of the things that CW says will KILL ME!!!

Not only did i have RED MEAT for both my meals (i skipped breakfast!), but not a single hearthealthywholegrain, nor even a single serving of antioxidantpackedfruitsandvegetables!  I had alcohol and artificial sweeteners, plenty of salt, eggyolks and half a stick of butter (AKA bearnaise sauce), and even more arterycloggingsaturatedfat in the form of coconut oil!

Ya know what happened?  I dropped another pound.  I haven't weighed this little in a decade.


  1. LOL! In your face, CW! Well done tess. You are smashing it.

  2. it's coming along! i have visions of wearing clothes this winter that haven't been off hangers in ages! :-) thanks, Sid!

  3. but but,... calories in calories out?!?!

    You must of sneaked off to the gym.

  4. no, you are just lying on your food logs....

  5. y'all are not gonna let me get away with anything, are you???