Friday, September 28, 2012

iodine as antioxidant

Thanks to smgj (in a comment in Wooo's blog) for the inspiration to visit Jack Kruse's blog again....  As observed, his recent posts are a lot more intelligible to me than some of the old ones i'd explored before!  I found some VERY interesting comments about iodine!

THIS is why it's valuable to have people in different fields, with different special interests and different health challenges in your internet reading circle!  Jack spoke of iodine functions in the brain that i'd never read of before, and introduced to me the subject of iodine as an antioxidant.  WOW....

A brief google search gave me reading material enough to keep me busy for a LONG time.  In addition, i'm inspired to start at the beginning of the series in which the link above was found.

I've been a proponent of Iodoral for several years now -- it's done me immense good -- and i'm always angered and frustrated when i hear people who are less-than-expert parrot the iodine-is-dangerous pablum.  As one of my favorite esoteric writers said, anything that's strong enough to be medicinal has potential for harm!  But to frighten away people who can benefit from a nutrient (eggs, anyone?) out of  insufficient knowledge is practically criminal.

Bottom line:  iodine IS potentially problematic if you use it irresponsibly, but holds tremendous promise for whole-body wellness if supplemented intelligently.  (Selenium balance is a MUST.)  A responsible NEUROSURGEON points to its value in brain health -- his most virulent critics, many of whom have significantly fewer credentials than he, conveniently forget what this guy has accomplished.  And his latest writings prove that he hasn't "lost it" yet.


  1. so funny! I was going to (like a broken record) mention cold showers for great hair, but I was too chicken. Glad you are taking another look. But personally, I have found DrK even more intelligible than ever, but I know that several of the most popular posts have been edited recently for clarity.

  2. that's good to know. the way he phrases himself is sometimes hard for me to take in, and then there are word-choice errors that don't show up with a spell-checker that confuse me more.... :-)

    i know some of his ideas have worked well for you! i hope you'll feel free to express yourself here -- i believe we should be able to "agree to differ" even if our experiences diverge!