Thursday, September 27, 2012

another addition

Yesterday, i added Todd Hargrove (Better Movement) to my blog list.  I haven't read all of his posts by a long shot, but so far i've been positively impressed by his writing.

So much of the fitness/physicality aspect of the low-carb/paleo world leans toward activities only a muscle-builder could love....  My ears perked up when i read Todd's article about sitting -- his opinion is the same as mine concerning the EPIDEMIOLOGICAL observations about healthiness and chairs!  Just because people have been sitting to work for such a short period of history doesn't mean they weren't sitting for extended periods, before.  Also, even though there are correlations between standing/walking and fitness, and between sitting/lounging and overweight ... they are STILL only correlations, you know, those things we decry when "studies" connect disease and bacon.

Just as hypercholesterolemia is not a statin-deficiency disease, so poor fitness is not a gym-avoidance problem.  This guy seems to understand that.