Friday, September 7, 2012

it's the second one

The tyrosine experiment continues.

There is no doubt AT ALL that tyrosine is energizing me, but i'm still unsure of its synergy with caffeine.  I start my morning with 500mg of it (plus another couple of supplements, but more on them, below) and a cup of dark-roast coffee, black.  I get a boost of vitality.  I have a ZC breakfast and wait a couple of hours, then have a second capsule of tyrosine and another cup o' joe, and WHAM -- moderately wired again.

I guess i'll have to take the supplements in the same way tomorrow, but with only decaf, to see what's going on....

I started using carnitine a month or two ago, also; just like the tyrosine at the basic dosage, it was hard to see if anything in particular was going on, but i thought there was a good chance of it.  The first bottle finished, i bought another, plus acetyl-l-carnitine and more CoQ10, as these are recommended as "partners in crime" with the carnitine.  The c&C, particularly, are important parts of the "mitochondrial cocktail" prescribed for people with a serious problem in that regard.

Well, i can definitely say that one tyrosine, one carnitine and multiple cups of high-octane do NOT give me the kind of energy that the 2t, c and ONE cup of coffee do, so it's a pretty well confirmed hypothesis that a whole gram of tyrosine is the major energizer for me.  I'm now scaling back on the OTC thyroid glandular supplement i'm taking, on the supposition that the larger dose of tyrosine is encouraging my endogenous thyroid production.  ... I'll let you know how it turns out!

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