Wednesday, August 29, 2012


...At least i was, yesterday afternoon.  I need to watch what happens the rest of this week, while i continue the increased level of tyrosine supplementation.

I had something on my mind yesterday, though, and i suspected that the "overstimulated" feeling might have been psychological in origin.  It didn't really occur to me that it might be just a very high-revved response to the only change in diet/supplementation i had made.  I self-medicated (with a couple of glasses of wine), but it took me a little more time to get to sleep last night (and this was well after the thing-on-my-mind was resolved).  I then overslept this morning.

So i'm a little off-schedule today, but loaded with some abnormal energy.  Whether it's physical or mental will reveal itself eventually....

Meanwhile, i'm going to reduce my caffeine intake.


  1. Tyrosine can do that, but in my experience after a few days it wears off. The first couple of days when you take or increase tyrosine it's like really uncomfortable coffee jitters though.

  2. ah yes, that's what it was like.... i'm sorry to hear that the effect will wear off, though -- today i've had good energy from it, and no jitters at all.

  3. It does not wear off completely, but the "excessive energy" feeling will diminish in a few days. The first 3 days of tyrosine , or increasing it, it's like skin crawling excess coffee jitters... then it just mellows into slightly more energy than before.

  4. i'm glad to hear it. ...i wonder if this might be the same thing that happens when people start taking exogenous thyroid -- they get the boost that the increased hormone gives for a short while, and then their own system dials back on how much it produces/converts to the active form....

  5. My experience with amino NT precursors tess leads me to believe that yes, the body adapts by very quickly decreasing the catalyst enzymes responsible for making the end products. The result is almost total tolerance after a few days, but tolerance never sets in completely. I don't know if it is correcting a deficiency or more accurately it is boosting the NT to healthier levels (which the body might want to keep low for what ever reason; in my case, lower catecholamines would be secondary to lower leptin leading to low dopamine stores and a very weak SNS).