Thursday, August 30, 2012

effective dose(s)

Today, the boost i got from the increased dosage of tyrosine continues....

Yesterday, the wired feeling wasn't there in the excessive way it was on Tuesday; today is similar to yesterday.  Both days, i woke up a bit slowly, but after the AAs and ONE cup of regular coffee, i was ready to be busy.  When i let the dog out at about 7, the evening was so pleasant -- balmy and good-smelling -- i went back inside, put on shoes, got a leash, and we went for walkies.

I didn't get this huge boost when i first started tyrosine supplementation.  I THOUGHT my energy was a little better, but it was far from obvious.  Just goes to show, taking piddly little amounts of SOME nutrients is not going to impact one's quality of life.

Of course, there are nutrients which are only needed in small quantities, and with any supplement it's prudent to "start low and go slow."  However, tyrosine is one of many which obviously require a significant amount before they benefit ME much.

Self-experimentation is important in these matters -- the one gram that's energizing me so well is probably too much for some people but not enough for others.  We have to keep an eye, also, on interactions between nutrients; in the case of vitamins A and D, appropriate ratios are essential, just like the situation with iodine and selenium.

I'll keep taking this quantity, and see how habituated i become to it.  So far, SO GOOD.

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