Sunday, August 19, 2012

plant rant ;-)

I tend to smirk when i hear of recommendations that our diets be of "mostly plants."  WHY?  Because this is a sop to nutritional powers-that-be, a sort of middle ground we can all agree on?  (Tra-la-la....)  A gesture that shows how reasonable and moderate we are?  A tipping of the hat to agriculturalists and the vegetarian agenda?  Screw dat.

I just began to read "Experiments and Observations on the Gastric Juice, and the Physiology of Digestion" by Dr. Beaumont in 1839.  I'm already amused, just from perusing the table of contents.  Then there's this:  "The facility of digestion of different articles of diet, and the quantity of nutrient principles which they contain, have been subjects of some discrepance of opinion among physiologists.  They have settled down, however, into a belief, probably as near the truth as practicable, that animal food is more readily assimilated, and affords more nutrition in a given quantity, than vegetable or farinaceous food."  IF WE KNEW THIS SHIT BY 1839, WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL ARGUING ABOUT IT?

Because convincing us that peasant food is good for us, keeps us peasants.  Weak, dumb, sick, docile ... and pouring more and more money into the pockets of people who sell us the cheap carbohydrate foods, who are in bed with the doctors and medical researchers, who are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies, who are in bed with politicians on every level and in every field.

How i and a growing number of others in the VLC community eat is a slap in the face to the "health-" and junkfood-promoting portions of our societies. We refuse to play.  We won't dance.  We WILL NOT participate in their weakening, pathology-producing rituals of mutual acceptance and social bonding over CIAB.  We're renegades.

Our WOE gives us power, and societies HATE individuals with power.  We can do without the "kool-aid" so where can they come at us, to subjugate us again?  I'm sure they'll try to think up something.

Oh -- when we end up in the concentration camp being fed "their" diet, remember what we learned from the Kitavans:  eat your carbs in one big meal in the evening, so when the glucose/insulin levels go down you can burn fat for the other 22 hours of the day.  ;-)


  1. It's absurd, isn't it? Plants are full of all sorts of toxins + weird "third world" protein + indigestible garbage (fibre). None of this stuff is terribly compatible with mammalian physiology yet we're told that eating this is the epitome of health.

  2. and most people think VLC is weird and unnatural ... compared with cold cereal, pasteurized skim milk, pasta and tofurkey???

  3. Plus the fact that we need over 100 minerals for optimal health and there has only been 3 being reintroduced into our topsoil for decades. You know, our depleted, vanishing topsoil that decades of grassfed cattle Could have built up instead of the paltry dust we have left. Polyfarming n grassfed meats are the only future, but how to transition? Here folks get offended if you even so much as imply they are a "gasshole" for driving a huge unsustainable vehicle. ?.....oh the humanity!

    1. lol! you're in TX somewhere, aren't you?

  4. good to know that the real grass farmers who make all that grass-fed stuff for us are using alternate soil remediation techniques too. Totally off the radar by the paleo community, except that occasionally, Robb Wolf trots out Joel Salatin. Check out Steve Solomon's interesting work and the movement to remineralize the soil.
    And, if you were looking for topics on the next rant, go read Solomon and then read up on Roundup.

  5. grrrr.... yes, there's a LOT of room for "righteous anger" when it comes to our farming situation. i come from a rural background -- mine is the first generation on both sides of the family which is COMPLETELY off the farm, and it amazes me what changes have come about since the days of my mother's childhood.

    i've read a little Salatin (and i admire him very much though he can be annoying) -- all the remediation his family has done to that farm has taken half a century.