Sunday, August 26, 2012

food elimination for achy old bodies

As today has progressed, the waterlogged feeling from last evening's carb-fest has morphed to generalized weariness and muscle aches.  Interesting.

I broke my fast in the early afternoon with The Kitchen Sink burger at Molly's (without the bun, of course), and i was wicked enough to have the Cuban Black Beans as my side-dish.  Yum.  My belly comfortably full, i immediately got sleepy, so when we returned home i had a cup of coffee to help keep me conscious until it should be a reasonable time to go to bed.  I sat down to read, and when i got up again some time later i was stiff and sore.

This isn't the first time that the relationship of diet to pain has come to my notice.  But who would intuit such a thing in the medical community?  When somebody says, "Doc, i'm full of body aches," does s/he reply, "You need to try an elimination diet," or is it more likely to be, "You have to expect this as you age," or "Here's a prescription for a new fibromyalgia drug"...?

Diet is not an example of "what does not kill me makes me stronger."  In the case of food, the adage more like to be helpful is "the dose makes the poison."  You CAN have too much of a good thing, but a little of a bad thing tends to be much more likely to occur, over and over, till the body's coping mechanisms give out one by one.

It's a real pity that some people will never know how their choice of food impacts their daily comfort and well-being.  Perhaps they'd choose the wheat, sugar and seed-oils anyway, but i'd like to think that some would consider it worthwhile to avoid the irritants rather than live with the irritation and try to numb it with pharmaceuticals.

Well, three days of the anti-inflammatory VLC diet i favor will make a new woman of me, who will eventually whoop it up again ... and so on and on.  But i'm making my choices with my eyes open; i feel sympathy for people who don't have a clue.  I even feel sorry for medical professionals who are taught that diet isn't important.


  1. I never used to notice the diet/stiff muscles connection, but I do now. More than a few bites of wheat and I'll feel stiff and old(er) for a few days. I spent the week-end in someone elses's home and did eat a bit of wheat here & there, but not much, so I'm feeling it a bit this morning. Plus, my carb intake was up a bit over the w.e. so I'm super hungry this will settle down after a day of VLC.

  2. yeah, i decided not to record my weight this morning, because i'm still waterlogged from the feast. STILL. i ate the last of my home-made pork sausage this morning with gratitude to the thought that it shouldn't take long to feel right again....