Wednesday, August 22, 2012

dichotomy of good and evil ... in blogging

Something good DOES come out of the occasional dearth in publishing of the best bloggers' posts -- to keep one's insula built up, one has the incentive and opportunity to read more from the archives of the Great.  This time it's Peter's turn, and i'm reading about AGE, RAGE and ALE.

I'm not saying that he's not an ornament in the veterinary field he graces, but DAMN, this guy probably missed his vocation.  He's a spectacular teacher.  I'm still rather behind in understanding THOROUGHLY his current series on protons, etc., but i have confidence that, if i read it through enough times and keep looking up what all those molecules do, i'll catch on eventually....

I started to write the above, yesterday.  The carnitine i've been taking HAS been giving me more physical energy (more on that later), and i interrupted myself to do some house maintainence and other things, though.  Then, i was "energized" by the MDA post to write what i did yesterday evening, leaving this one for later....

Some good blog-related news greeted me this morning, though -- Mike Eades has finally posted again, and what he had to say was very cheery for "our" point of view.  Mere macronutrient variation has profound effects on physical composition ... but i'll let you read it yourself if you haven't already (ha!).

Without the help of laboratories, i could have made the same attestation ... but i had to drop into VLC-land before it became apparent.  You have to understand, although i'm not averse to MOVING, i HATE to "work out."  Always have.  I enjoy taking a hike but not a walk.  If it's "play" i'm willing to consider it, but for the sake of "exercise..."?  Two thumbs down.

But i can tell that i've been putting on muscle since i went ultra-low in my carb consumption, and the mechanism has been understood for some time (hint:  what does protein do?).  ;-)  I'm stronger without having CONSCIOUSLY tried to build muscle.  If the lab-rats find new examples of how it works, that's GRAVY!

I'll append a progress report here, since this is such a miscellaneous post.  The scale was down a bit this morning -- hurrah!  :-)  Digestion back in balance, no weather-induced allergy woes, 8.8 pounds to goal ... life is good.


  1. Wha? I'm away for two days and Eades has a new epic post up?

    Congratulations on your progress!

  2. thank you! ...well, it's not the best he's ever done, but it's certainly good news! :-)

  3. yay, Peter!, if he wasn't so obscure, he could be the next Tom Naughton. Maybe he can be on the next low carb cruise with Dr. Feinman along to translate all the secret jokes. I am so bummed that I only get about half of them (or so I think. what if it was only 1/3?)

  4. i'm actually considering dragging my husband to the next LC cruise -- they sound like fun!

    1. it interesting that Peter USED to get gobs of comments, but lately much fewer. think it might be because he's so staunchly low-carb, and the more fickle paleo-types have wandered off in search of safe starches?

  5. check this out:

  6. SO many things seem to be intertwined, don't they.... as i have come to believe in a nutritional basis for most forms of hypothyroidism, i'd LOVE to be able to get some of the people on that site to try eating better instead of concentrating on pharmaceuticals!