Sunday, August 26, 2012

i was bad again


Oh, not really horrible -- there will be no lasting damage.  We just spent last evening with our dear neighbors who ALWAYS fill us with great food, wine and friendship.  Had a great time, drank too much and ate a lot of carbs.  Won't happen again for some time.

THIS is why i'm "good" most of the time -- so i can enjoy a blowout like this occasionally with no regret.  Should i call it an unintentional leptin reset?

I DO realize that i'm lucky, and what i ate over the course of a few hours won't start me down a cravings-slide:  some people are in danger if they have ANY disallowed food.  If i indulged for an extended period, it would be more dangerous in that respect, kinda like when my husband worked in New Orleans for almost two years.  I had been doing low-carb for five years or so at that time, and going back to occasional wheat-eating was hard on my body, but i was also doing a huge amount of walking, so the scale went up only a little -- though the pain levels were significantly higher.  But sometimes things were irresistible -- barbecued oysters, anyone?  :-)

Today i'm delaying my fast-breaking, allowing some of that stored sugar to come out and be burnt.  Tomorrow i'll have the guts to get back on the scale.  I have a beautiful chuck roast all ready to go into the grinder, and i'll start eating right again, and we'll all live happily ever after.


  1. My guess is that making good connections with people we love is as important as good diet- why eat a diet that will help you live longer if you're not loving and laughing as well?