Monday, August 27, 2012

funny, now "adrenal exhaustion/burnout" IS real....

A couple of years ago when i was first reading up on how to improve my hypothyroidism, i came upon a website that spoke of how "adrenal fatigue" complicates it.  I'd never heard of such a thing before, but perusing the chart it sure hit home.

You see, i don't HAVE some of the classic symptoms of hypothyroidism (mine are those most closely associated with nutrient deficiencies).  I should have a slow heartbeat and low blood pressure and poor appetite, but in fact, it's historically been the opposite.  I used to be strung WAY too tight.  Yep, i seemed to be exhibiting the "combination" problem.

So i tried a cheap-and-dirty remedy -- i started using tincture of licorice a couple of times a day, and concentrated on relaxation and stress-avoidance.  It helped a LOT.  I haven't felt the same kind of exhaustion i used to, in a long time.  And when i was doing all that reading, "authorities" were pouring scorn on the whole idea that mere stress could result in depleted adrenal function....

As usual, when i was reading about what nutrients might bolster adrenal function, there was a lot of common factors with thyroid function -- vitamins A, C, E, quality proteins, magnesium and zinc....  No wonder that my adrenal function seems repaired, as my recent supplementation covers the bases pretty darned well.  Note to self:  start adding nutritional yeast to soups and things -- i already have a big bag of it in the freezer, because i used to use it regularly.

Oh, i also need to add, i had never "done" VLC when the "adrenal complication" made its presence known.  When i began developing it, i hadn't even done LCHF.  To blame burnout on LC is just plain nonsense, though i can see how it might exacerbate the problem.

Well, i obviously need to read up more on the situation ... now that it actually EXISTS!  ;-)

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