Friday, August 31, 2012

can't resist

'Cause i FEEEEEEL good.  Amazing how that works.  A certain kind of low-carb intake for me, and pain-free ease of movement happens that, if i were a natural-born dancer, i wouldn't be able to stop myself.

[Why did dance movements have to get more complicated than the Twist and the Jerk?  I could manage THOSE.  ;-) ]

I had an extra glass of wine last night, and started eating stuff -- oh, it was low-carb stuff, but included things like ice-cream made from the recipe in Nourishing Traditions (except the sweetener was liquid sucralose and i deleted the arrowroot.  why arrowroot?  home-made ice-cream doesn't need thickeners).  Some of that excellent prosciutto-mozzarella roll (WITH basil) made by the Volpi company right here in St. Louis.  Sugar-free chocolate.  Since i didn't measure anything, i don't have any idea how the calorie-count would differ from the usual.

The additional alcohol mandated a bi-phasic night's sleep, but there was no distress associated.  I feel good!  ;-)

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