Thursday, August 16, 2012

as Roseanne Rosannadanna's daddy used to say...

Doggone it, i was hoping to have more to say after almost a week of using carnitine*, but Mother Nature has been picking on me for the last few days.  The good news is, it's no longer 105 degrees in the shade, but the bad news is that the increased precipitation has driven the air quality into the orange zone.  Mold.  I've been struggling with a headache and sinus issues since Monday.  :-(

The first time i read Dr. Atkins' book, almost a decade ago, i was surprised and interested to learn how much my allergies affected my metabolic health.  I don't remember suffering from "hay fever" as a child, but it got pretty bad when i was in my 20s.  Maybe i was infected by a new strain of yeast when i moved to a more humid place that didn't get weather as cold in the winters?  Whatever the case may be, i've got it now.

I picked up a sensitivity to oak pollen and yarrow in Texas, to goldenrod, ragweed and Bradford-pear pollen in Oklahoma, and to sage pollen in Utah.  The worst offender here is the mold, which makes me miserable when i need to do laundry in humid weather -- my washer is in the basement, where 116 years' worth of molds/mildew have found refuge.

The respiratory symptoms got a lot better when i went low-carb, but i still keep benedryl on hand for when the wrong irritants are in the air, or when i have chores to do downstairs.  At least i KNOW now that antihistamine-time indicates poor weight-loss results -- it makes things less frustrating when i eat "perfectly" and see no progress on the scales.  (Actually, this week hasn't been bad in THAT regard.)

But as Rosanne Rosannadanna's daddy used to say, "It's always somethin'."  :-P
* For what it's worth, the carnitine experiment SEEMS to be going well -- at least i see no indication that the theoretical lowering of thyroid function is true!


  1. Are you taking carnitine with Q10?

  2. i have been taking Q, but wasn't sure it was doing me any good. do you think i should continue?

  3. Some people studying this stuff think they have a synergistic effect. I'll email you some PDFs...