Thursday, December 13, 2012

this oughta fool 'em

:-D  Got somebody in your Christmas circle whom YOU think ought to cut back on the sugar?  I tried a new recipe (which has been in my collection for years, untested) just now, for a cream-cheese-based fudge that i consider an unqualified success.  It even has that slightly gritty texture that REAL from-scratch fudge has!

I'll confess this stuff is not paleo-correct -- i used "forbidden" sweeteners -- but hey, it's holiday-time!  If one is not going to be PERFECT all the time (the BEST plan, i agree) ... if one needs to take a sweet to a holiday party that isn't the "weird stuff" WE prefer ... if our diabetic-idiot Aunt Gertrude INSISTS on eating fudge ...  well, this might be an acceptable choice.  (I'll publish it here AND put in on my recipe page.)


8 oz. block of cream cheese
3 T. cream
1 c. granulated/powdered erythritol
1 c. granulated/powdered xylitol (don't let the dog have any!)
4-6 oz. unsweetened "baking" chocolate
1 1/2 t. vanilla
1 t. sea salt (i used coarse-ground)
nuts, to taste

Place cream and broken chocolate in the top of a double-boiler and heat together till chocolate is melty (it doesn't have to become homogenous).  Blend the room-temp cheese in a food-processor and add in the sweeteners and vanilla till smooth.  Add the chocolate mixture and mix well.  Last, mix in the salt and nuts, then spread in a buttered pan, and chill to harden.


  1. I made this. It was pretty good, but really gritty because the xylitol crystals stayed intact. I think that eritheryIn addition, the chocolate seized up a little from the cream (cold from the fridge)

    Next time I make it (soon, I hope!) I will do the following first. Melt the chocolate in the double boiler. Add the sweeteners and the cream slowly to the warm chocolate. Then proceed as written.

    1. the xylitol i used wasn't the same as the kind i use to make colored "sugar" -- it was much finer. now you mention it, i'm sure that's where the slight grittiness came from! i'm going to try this recipe again using sucralose in the mix next time....