Wednesday, December 26, 2012

superior P-word supplement

I'm very pleased with how i feel, using the pregnenolone.  It's been a two or three weeks since i started taking a 10 mg sublingual every day and i have that "balanced" feeling which, at my age, is cause for rejoicing.  I've also settled into taking a gram of carnitine every morning, which together with the P does a much better job of providing steady (if not abundant) energy than tyrosine, which tends to make me uncomfortably wired.

The thing i didn't like about the progesterone creme i used to use was that i definitely put FAT on the portions of my anatomy where it was applied.  And those places where it is recommended that one apply the creme? -- EXACTLY where i don't need more fat!  :-)  I ended up preferring to rub it into my butt, to balance my proportions out a bit.  When i first learned about maca, i thought maybe that would be good for me, but hearing that it can be detrimental to thyroid function, i haven't played with it much yet.

I didn't get an immediate boost from the pregnenolone -- it took at least a week for me to feel that something good was happening.  Of course, being the cautious self-experimenter that i am, i wasn't about to start off with the massive dose some people use.  However, being also of an age at which natural pregnenolone production is significantly reduced, i felt confident about doubling the amount suggested by Dr. Peat -- 10 mg is the smallest concentration offered through Amazon.

I didn't get the boundless energy of youth, but i do feel good about adding this supplement to my regimen -- the more so because it IS the dissolve-in-the-mouth sort (i do get tired of swallowing pills).  Perhaps when the time comes to buy another bottle i'll go for the 25 mg size.  If i don't like the way i feel with the higher dosage, i'll just bite the little suckers in half.

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