Monday, December 3, 2012

finally back at home!

On the way home from Thanksgiving at my daughter's house in Houston, Spense and i attended a living-history weekend.  It completed the conversion of my diet from "sloppy" to properly low-carb.

Did you all notice the recipe for jalapeno cheese squares?  The batch i made on Wednesday provided several meals for me, and were very handy in the car.  Fortunately, the nearest little town to our "playground for grown-ups" has one good basic restaurant where some of us ate a dinner and a breakfast before the event began -- an "ultimate omelet" for the latter meal and grilled shrimp, green beans, squash and spinach for the former.  I was even saved from temptation to order a baked potato by the lack of REAL butter in the establishment....

While the other citizens of our old-west town chowed down on chicken and dumplings, i reheated the leftovers of my prime rib of Wednesday night.  :-)  I prepared lunch on Saturday, and i must blushingly confess to cooking them up some rather "evil" little pasties, which they polished off rapidly.  My brunch was completely different, as you might imagine.  Saturday dinner there is always STEAK, and usually very good ones.  My bone-in ribeye was so big i couldn't finish it, and my side-dish was an innocent vegetable unlike the baked beans and rolls indulged in by the others.  That evening my dessert consisted of a couple of jiggers of Curacao as the sweetening agent in the period-appropriate cocktails i was making for us.  My single indulgence!

I ate breakfast with the others this (Sunday) morning -- bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs and black coffee.  SOMEONE PUT MILK IN THE EGGS!  YUK!!!!!  Then i dashed madly about, packing stuff up, loading the car, and driving the 11 hours back home.  There were certain misadventures, too, with my Verizon Navigator.  :-(  Only made two stops;  I was VERY ready to reach my destination.

If my husband wakes me in the morning, i'll kill him....


  1. *tap,tap,tap*.........oh Tesssssssss....*whispering* have you gotten rested yet? Dont kill me! ;)

  2. bless his little heart, he was whispering to the dog, inviting Spense for "walkies" around the time i woke up....