Thursday, December 27, 2012

"normal response" to carbs, at last?

There's no doubt about the fact that i feel best on VLC.  But surprisingly enough after this holiday of unusual carb intake, my mood and physical sense of well-being are pretty high.  Why?  I can guess, and it's all about exercise, omega-3 and hormones.

We walked ALL over the downtown area of Seattle, and though the hills did a number on my back and legs, i know we burned a boatload of glucose in the process.  I ordered seafood at meals whenever i wasn't actually craving red meat.  I encouraged mitochondrial performance with carnitine, and boosted raw material for testosterone production with pregnenolone supplements.  Through it all, when not having to wait in uncomfortable public areas for late trains, i've been sleeping well.

I've resisted snacking most of the time, and when i succumbed it was generally to pistachios or cashews (once, waiting for the dinner train an extra 3 hours or so after having no lunch, i had myself a happy-hour with cheese-flavored rice crackers and Abbeys).  I've tried to satisfy appetite on the meat or egg main dish , and then "fill up the corners" (if you'll forgive the Hobbitism) with non-starchy vegetables, then potatoes and finally with sweets.

The celebration-worthy part of gaining a little fat through it all is that leptin is doing its proper job of inhibiting subsequent appetite.  Eating a good-sized meal with more carbs than i'm used to is not spurring me to chow down again in a couple of hours, but to WANT to fast for awhile!  Many days, we've been eating a late breakfast and an early dinner, and that's all.

Well, i'm not going to "continue the experiment" when we get home -- i'll be gratefully returning to the VLC diet i actually PREFER.  I enjoyed that croissant and the four bites of sourdough toast i had, but i feel no desire to make a regular indulgence of it.  Pushing my luck any further is NOT at all tempting!


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    1. :-) this vacation has really given me material for thought! from "hunting/gathering" food (because i had to "work" to get it), to subcategories of macronutrients, to hormones and enzymes.... when life gets back to normal (HAhahaha...!) i think i might reach some interesting conclusions.