Saturday, December 29, 2012

"everywhere i go, there's always an asshole"

It's no secret -- i enjoy movies which my friend Jules and i describe as "charming garbage."  ...The kind which have major flaws but which are enjoyable for the mood you come away with, after seeing them.  They sometimes have a great soundtrack, or abundant eye-candy, or characters who tickle you, or witty dialogue:  whatever!  One such piece of '80s fluff was "Streets of Fire."

One character in it reminds me of my niece, the ex-WAC* -- one of those tough babies with a heart of gold.  She's sitting in a bar chatting with the hero, and the bartender becomes obnoxious, so she punches him out and delivers the line from which i derived today's blog title.

'Cause it's true -- you can't go anywhere without coming in contact with people who are a disgrace to whatever group or profession or hobby they belong to.  For every Chris Masterjohn there's a Stephan Guyenet; for every Sisson or Wolf there's a ... few people who comment on FTA.  ;-)

But to assume that the proverbial spoiled apple is reason to discard the entire containerful is faulty logic.

Speaking for myself, even though i was doing low-carb and getting good results as long as i went low enough, when i committed to a month of strict paleo-style eating ... i couldn't believe how much better i felt!  The stiffness and aches, the inflammation and allergies, the heart arrhythmia, the bloat and the occasional intestinal woes cleared up in a miraculous way.  Clearly -- those foods which have been labeled "neolithic" by my favorite paleoblogospheric writers ARE problematic for me:  gluten grains, seed oils, and even some kinds of dairy products.

THIS MUCH smoke indicates a fire somewhere -- the tiny smudge emanating from a guru's incense-burner can't be mistaken for what i'm seeing.

And now that i'm home again, i'm going back on the whole-30-style wagon.  (I would say strong-medicine-wagon, except that i anticipate eating eggs as well as my meat, coffee and "yellow vegetables.")  I anticipate feeling less like a bloated manatee within the week.
* dating myself with the use of obsolete terminology again....


  1. Tess, I'm going to try a Whole30 in Jan. First one. Welcome back and I'm sure you'll loose that manatee feeling soon.

  2. thank you! :-) i don't think it'll take too long to start feeling more normal. i hope you feel as much benefit as i did from a "pure" diet!